First Club for Fun!

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Another Reward

Of Banking with First Northeast Bank of Nebraska! First Club is a social organization for our customers in the “55 and Better” age group. We host many social get-togethers and travel events, such as one-day bus trips, holiday gatherings, card parties, movies, and more!

We do the hard work of putting it all together as a thank you for long years of patronage, so you can have the fun!

Membership Qualifications

  • Age 55 and over, and
  • $5,000 average balance in a checking, savings, or CD account, or
  • Direct deposit of any retirement check, or
  • $15.00 per month membership fee

Additional Benefits

  • Free regular checking account for one personal account (can be joint or single)
  • Free First Club checks for one regular personal checking account
  • First-year free on new 3×5 safe deposit box (subject to availability)
  • No-fee cashier’s checks and money orders
  • Lots of fun!
  • Free stop payments
  • Free notary services
  • Free faxes (inside U.S. only)
  • Travel
  • Social activities

Stop in at any one of our locations and visit with a First Club representative for a more detailed list of benefits!

See a First Club representative at any location for account opening procedures.
Common account fees in this schedule may apply.

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