Established April 2, 1902 as The First National Bank of Lyons, and located solely in the town of Lyons Nebraska by a group of local farmers and businessmen. Their wisdom and the guidance of the first President, George Little, led the bank safely and solvently through the worst financial crises in our Nation’s history, and left it strong and secure. In 1974 the current ownership families of Dunlap, Acklie and Hilt combined to purchase the institution from the Langemeier Family, adding considerable banking experience and financial strength to the institution. With vision and growth in mind, the bank changed its name to First National Bank Northeast in July 1993 and expanded to multiple communities. On December 12, 2016, management made the decision to change to a Nebraska State Bank charter, and to change its name to First Northeast Bank of Nebraska, to highlight the focus on our local and state economies.

Since the humble beginnings as an independent bank in Lyons, the assets of the bank have continued to grow, allowing it to serve the agricultural, commercial and personal needs of our communities. Financial services have been expanded to include the communities of Uehling, Tekamah, Hooper, Oakland, Fremont, Hartington and Ceresco. This has allowed for convenience of service at multiple locations.

First Northeast Bank of Nebraska has been dedicated to the local communities since its original charter, all the way through the 20th Century and into the 21st Century under the ownership of the Dunlap, Acklie and Hilt families. The bank is dedicated to the communities which we have the privilege of serving and continues to provide sound and secure banking services. Our communities are rural in nature, with agriculture and the proceeds from its products the lifeblood or our rural communities. Business development has focused on agricultural related products and has employed the rural work ethic.

With this agrarian lifeblood, First Northeast Bank of Nebraska specializes in agricultural financing including loans for livestock, crop financing, equipment and real estate purchase and development. Our local families are never forgotten and we have products designed to meet individual needs. Because of this strong agricultural sector, commercial business has grown, prospered and is supported and financed by our institution. It is our intent to support our communities, their people and the businesses in the community when feasible. We are inordinately proud of our home towns; their businesses, schools, organizations, churches and families.

Our staff of first-rate-employees are professional, yet caring in a home town way. We care about your needs, as well as the needs and concerns of your family. We call that “invested” in our communities and our customers. This truly defines our home town commitment….. People caring about people!