Debit Card lost or stolen? Suspect Debit Card Fraud?

If you detect fraud on your card please call FraudWatchPlus at 1-866-987-1457. Fraud is serious business, and can hit anytime. That is why we are working to detect and prevent fraud from happening to you.

Has your debit card been lost or stolen? Call 1-800-264-5578 and choose Option 1. If you know your card number  enter when prompted along with the expiration date and enter either lost or stolen for the status.

If you do not know your card number you will be prompted to enter three of the following five fields.

  • Primary cardholder’s phone number
  • Last 4 digits of primary cardholder’s social security number
  • Primary cardholder’s date of birth
  • Primary cardholder’s ZIP code
  • Primary cardholder’s street number

Traveling and using your First Northeast Bank of Nebraska debit card? Notify us today to avoid any interruption with your service.