Cybersecurity Awareness

How to Protect Yourself:

1. Never provide your personal information in response to an unsolicited request.
2. If you believe the contact may be legitimate, contact the financial institution yourself.
3. Never provide your password over the phone or in response to an unsolicited internet request.
4. Review account statements regularly to ensure all charges are correct.

What to do if you fall victim:

Contact your financial institution immediately and alert it to the situation.

If you have disclosed sensitive information, you should contact one of the three major credit bureaus and discuss whether you need to place a fraud alert on your file, which will help prevent thieves from opening a new account in your name.

Here is the contact information for each bureau’s fraud division:
PO Box 740250

POI Box 1017
Allen TX 75013

PO Box 6790
Fullerton CA 92634